Governor Lamont’s Visit

Governor Lamont’s Visit 400 400 Alliance for Community Empowerment

As a provider of early child education and day care services, Alliance (then ABCD) was chosen as the launch pad for State Governor Ned Lamont’s new increase in the benefits cliff for the Care4Kids subsidy. Care4Kids is a government program that allows parents to receive a state voucher which covers a share of daycare costs for their children at facilities like Alliance.

Under the new rules initiated by Lamont, working parents who previously reached a 50% threshold of the area’s average income before losing the subsidy can now earn up to 65% of the area’s average income before losing the subsidy. This was great news for single mother Jessica Soba who was present as she was close to losing her state voucher. Lamont stated, “What we are trying to do here at the state level is trying to expand access, make it possible for more families, and make sure, Jessica, as your pay goes up and you keep working, that you are not disqualified. We need everybody being able to work.”Alliance is proud to have such news covered at our facility, especially considering how it is something that directly impacts our operations. We look forward to continuing our relationships and partnerships with local, state, and federal personnel to further our mission within the state of Connecticut.

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