ABCD Still Here To Help

ABCD Still Here To Help 400 400 Alliance for Community Empowerment

Action for Bridgeport Community Development Inc. (ABCD) during this health emergency is providing residents with supportive services such as rental and energy assistance. Of course, ABCD is closely monitoring the ever changing COVID-19 situation and taking proactive steps to ensure our community is safe. Although ABCD is not open to the public, we are here for our residents. ABCD will remain a constant resource and connection to the community during these uncertain times. Those in need continue to have the opportunity to apply for many of the resources we provide. Supportive services, rental services and energy assistance program applications may be requested by phone by contacting the office at 203-384-6904. For more information from ABCD, residents can contact 203-366-8241 for Bridgeport and 203-838-8110 for Norwalk.

The priority of ABCD is to maintain the health and safety of children, families, and staff. Our organization has been following the lead of the Board of Education. As a result, ABCD’s early learning and youth programs are closed. ABCD is connecting their students and families with online resources. These resources include educational packets, as well as social and emotional care for students and parents. It should also be noted that the Bridgeport Public Schools district has conducted an emergency meal service which includes breakfast, lunch, and supper at 20 different locations. Residents may visit these locations from 9 AM to 1 PM during school closure. For a list of locations, community members can visit for more information. Bridgeport Public Schools district has included ABCD’s preschool in their emergency meal service.

While practicing social distancing, ABCD has found numerous ways on how to serve our community. ABCD is actively supporting food pantries, with the intentions that the community will get through this together. ABCD is here for you, your children, your families and the community. Unity, patience and hope will allow us to get through this tough time together.

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