Chef Raquel shares pancake recipe with Alliance families

Chef Raquel shares pancake recipe with Alliance families 800 800 Alliance for Community Empowerment

On February 10th, via livestream, Alliance hosted a delightful online cooking demo with A Pinch of Salt Chef Raquel Rivera.  She taught families, associated with Alliance Early Learning, how to make delicious homemade oatmeal pancakes.

Eighteen families participated in the virtual cooking event, from the comfort of their homes, making it a pan-flipping success.

The interactive cooking event combined ingredients of patience, excitement, and skill. Each Alliance family who participated received a kit of ingredients and tools to measure, mix, and combine during the event.

Thumbs up, if you are with me!

—Chef Raquel.

Chef Raquel asked the kids questions every step of the way and carefully explained, demonstrated, and produced delicious, unique pancakes because… “Doesn’t everyone like breakfast for dinner? There is something fun about making pancakes for dinner,” said the cheerful chef.

The kids agreed.

She explained why you need to mix all the dry ingredients, such as the whole wheat flour, white flour, oats, salt and baking soda together, and mix the wet ingredients, such as the milk, orange juice, oil and egg together, separately from the dry.

“You want the pancakes to rise when they are being cooked, not in the bowl,” she said.

“Chef Raquel did an amazing job. She was patient and explained all the ingredients and what they do. For example, instead of using sugar in the recipe she used orange juice as a substitute, a more natural sweetener.  It was great to see the kids smiling and all the families involved in the cooking process,” said Alliance for Community Empowerment’s St. V, who helped coordinate the event.   

Chef Raquel asked, “How do you know when pancakes are ready to be flipped?”

Little hands went up.

“Right, when you see the little bubbles.” she explained.

The kids commented and answered her questions along the way and gave a thumbs up when they finished each step. There was a hot debate on what was the best way to top off pancakes. Kids said blueberries, strawberries, whip cream or chocolate chips.

Neji from classroom 4 at the Charles B Tisdale Early Learning Center in Bridgeport on Stratford Ave participated and made delicious strawberry pancakes for dinner.

His mom Veronica S. said, “I thought it was really great. Neji really enjoyed being able to cook his favorite breakfast item. He was also very excited to be able to do it pretty much all on his own and even a new thing of using a knife to cut the strawberries.”

Neji and his mom expressed that they really enjoyed the event. She said, “We loved it! Maybe we can do a fun pasta or ravioli next time. I love cooking and I also do cakes, so it was fun for me too lol. Take care and God Bless!”  At the end of the tasty night of fun, some Alliance Allies families took pictures of their finished products, and yes, ate it.

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