Lucy Baney Family Reunification Center Grand Opening

Lucy Baney Family Reunification Center Grand Opening 1000 667 Alliance for Community Empowerment

On Monday, June 28th, 2021, Alliance for Community Empowerment was honored to be part of Career Resources’ opening of their newest facility, The Lucy Baney Family Reunification Center.  The Center, set to open soon, will provide a supportive home environment for previously incarcerated women helping them return to their families and workforce.

Alliance will be providing childcare at the center and its Executive Director, Dr. Monette Ferguson said she is humbled and inspired and added during her official comments, “We are standing on the shoulders of giants that started this work and we are building even higher. We are here to educate and to wrap our arms around these families starting with early childhood.”

This facility, located at 1037 Sylvan Ave. in Bridgeport, CT, can house up to 20 women, five with children 5 years old or younger. The facility will provide high-quality on-site childcare, family counseling, parenting skills, job placement & training, and other services to help women move on with their lives after prison. Alliance is proud to be partnering with the re-entry program with Career Resources Inc.

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