Bridgeport East End Ribbon Cutting

Bridgeport East End Ribbon Cutting 1000 667 Alliance for Community Empowerment

Bridgeport, CT – August 11, 2021 – Bridgeport East End revitalization got a boost today from a ribbon cutting for the new Alliance For Community Empowerment Neighborhood Office at 1376 Stratford Avenue, Ashlar Construction next door, and apartments above the commercial units. The Alliance office in the renovated brick building now serves community members with energy assistance, rental assistance, utility assistance, covid-19 related assistance, and various other state and federal grant-funded programs, in addition to providing case management and referrals for community resources.

Alliance Executive Director, Dr. Monette Ferguson told the ceremony’s guests “We stand here with pride, shoulder to shoulder with you, to recognize this beautiful neighborhood that is being revitalized. We are here today due to the dedication from Mr. Stewart, and the Alliance team.”

Anthony Stewart, owner of Ashlar Construction, says he bought the old brick Firestone building because in part, it lends itself to his masonry background but most importantly it allows him to grow the potential of his old neighborhood. Now as neighbors, Ashlar and Alliance are a perfect match as they are partners in the East End revitalization effort.

“What you see is the beginning of the revitalization of the East End of Bridgeport,” said Anthony Stewart, owner of Ashlar Construction. “For those who don’t know, I grew up here in the East End. It is my goal to help this [neighborhood] go back to what it used to be when I was young.”

“We are all part of the movement… We are here to recognize that this is just the beginning. You will see Alliance spreading its wings across this city, across this state, and dare I say, across this nation to make a difference to folks who are vulnerable,” said Dr. Ferguson.

This is the third location opened in Bridgeport by Alliance for Community Empowerment in 2021. Alliance also relocated their Norwalk office to 108 Main Street in Norwalk. This growth offers assistance and services to the community and creates jobs within Alliance as it spreads its roots.

“This is one of those projects where they should be acknowledged and appreciated for their commitment to make sure that things are happening in the East End,” said Bridgeport Mayor, Joe Ganim. “Here [this] is going to have a major impact on Stratford Ave, The East End, and the City of Bridgeport.”

East End resident and councilman Ernie Newton said succinctly, “You can touch it. You can see the changes happening in this community.”

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