Covid-19 Rapid Test & Hand Sanitizer Distribution

Covid-19 Rapid Test & Hand Sanitizer Distribution 1000 667 Alliance for Community Empowerment

Saturday, January 8th, 2022 – Bridgeport, CT – Alliance for Community Empowerment distributed Covid-19 rapid tests and masks to residents of Laurelwood Place and hand sanitizers to the Bridgeport area community. The event took place in the parking lot of the apartment building with masks and social distancing practices being adhered to.

Although it was cold, many Alliance staff showed up for the event and introduced the residents to the various supportive services that are offered just a couple blocks away at Alliance. Dr. Monette Ferguson, Executive Director at Alliance, personally handed out the rapid tests, testing instructions, masks, and hand sanitizer to the seniors of Laurelwood Place.

“We are here, blessing these residents with hand sanitizer that came from Color a Positive Thought, tests that came from the City of Bridgeport, and test instructions written by Southwest Community Health Center,” explained Dr. Ferguson. “These partnerships that Alliance has enables us to reach a wider audience and help those that need it most.”

“Laurelwood Place is a senior living apartment complex managed by the City of Bridgeport. “We are so appreciative that our community partner Alliance is passing out tests and hand sanitizers to our socially vulnerable population,” said Ebony Jackson-Shaheed, Director of Public Health for City of Bridgeport. “This residence has individuals that have underlying medical conditions, some that can’t come out of their homes and pick up these vital preventative measures.”

With the current spread of the Omicron variant and the need for Covid testing, this test distribution came at a time when those that are more vulnerable need it most. Vesta Bortey-Fio, Residence Service Coordinator at Laurelwood Place, was the person Alliance reached out to to set up the event with. “I am so very grateful and thankful to have Alliance and the City of Bridgeport here to serve my community,” explained Ms. Bortey-Fio.

Lorenzo Elder, a resident of Laurelwood Place, was also very appreciative to receive his Covid-19 rapid test, mask, and hand sanitizer so close to home. “It can be challenging sometimes to get around and get the things we need,” said Mr. Elder. “The fact that Alliance and Laurelwood came together to make this happen is truly a blessing.”

Alliance for Community Empowerment will be hosting vaccination clinics at their 1862 East Main Street location on January 15th & February 5th between 10AM to 2PM and will be available for those looking to get their first/second doses or a booster shot. Vaccinations for children as young as 5 will also be available. Griffin Health staff will be administering the vaccinations.

For more information on these upcoming vaccination clinics, please click here.

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