Alliance Farmers Market Returns in 2022

Alliance Farmers Market Returns in 2022 1280 1280 Alliance for Community Empowerment

It is finally getting warmer in Connecticut! That means, for most communities in our area, farmers markets are back for the season. Local Farmers Markets are where you can go to get fresh, seasonal, local produce without breaking the bank. Read below for more reasons why you should be shopping at your local farmer’s market:

  1. A chance to connect with the community- Farmers markets are a gathering place. They are a place you can meet up with your friends to catch up and check out all of what is happening in the market. Farmers markets are unlike the grocery store, in which they are festive and lively. 
  2. They will save you money- Farmers Markets offer seasonal produce. Having seasonal produce will help save you money because you will be eliminating the cost of shipping out of season produce to the grocery store. Buying straight from the farmers removes the cost of the middleman (grocery store) and pricey shipping. Also, many local farmer’s markets accept SNAP and WIC benefits. 
  3. It’s a free family trip- Farmers Markets are outside when the weather is nice. Often, they offer free activities for kids. You can spend an entire afternoon not only getting fresh produce but also giving your children the chance to have some fun. 
  4. Create an opportunity to support Local Farmers-In the world full of corporations and over price grocery store, farmers are struggling in our economy. Farmers markets are a great way to support our local farmers and keep them in business. It gives them the opportunity to give their product straight to you and cut out any middleman in the process. 
  5. They are convenient- check out for more information.  

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