Energy Assistance

About Energy Assistance

For families in need of energy assistance, Alliance For Community Empowerment can help obtain necessary energy services for those in need. From furnace repair to gas bill forgiveness plans, we have a comprehensive set of services and a team of expert case workers to fulfill your needs. Wherever you are in Connecticut, Alliance For Community Empowerment can provide our set of services to your family with just one application. For more information on different acceptance centers and resources, please visit the links to the right of the page.


  • To schedule an in-person or phone appointment, call (203) 384-6904 and follow the prompts, or call (203) 838-8110 in Norwalk; or click here to apply online.

  • Last 4 weeks of any type of income, current gas bill, bank statement, current UI bill, household IDs and SS#s.

  • Apply for energy assistance, and make sure you enroll in matching payment plan with intake worker to lower monthly payments and reduce your past due balance.

  • Make a payment to your utility company of $100.00 and make sure you are enrolled in the hardship program with the utility company so that you are protected during the winter months: November – May.

  • DSS requires that we ask for bank statements for asset verification from your account balance(s). You must provide a statement from every institution that you or any other adult household member(s) have an account with, including liquid assets, savings and checking accounts, bonds, stocks/shared, certificates of deposit, individual retirement accounts if over 59 1/2 years old.

  • If an individual is using your address for any other services such as DSS, food stamps, cash assistance, banking, medical insurance, DMV, unemployment or any other institution, it may affect your benefits.

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